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ExpressJS for NodeJS: A Fast and Minimalist Web Framework

ExpressJS for NodeJS is a lightweight web framework. It offers a comprehensive set of functionality for online and mobile apps. ExpressJS is an excellent solution for both developers and companies due to its tiny and versatile core. Installing ExpressJS To install ExpressJS, use npm to install the framework (Node Package Manager). To install it, use …

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NodeJS Upload Files

NodeJS is a popular server-side platform that provides various modules for performing common tasks. One of the essential modules for web development is the “fs” (File System) module, which provides a way to interact with the file system on the server. Another module, the “http” module, provides a way to handle incoming HTTP requests and …

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NodeJS URL Module

The URL module in NodeJS allows you to interact with URLs and their components. This module is part of NodeJS’s standard library, therefore it may be used without any further installs. URL parsing Parsing URLs is one of the most prevalent use cases for the URL module. The url.parse() function may be used to parse …

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NodeJS HTTP server

Node.js includes a built-in module named http for constructing a NodeJS HTTP server. This module makes it simple for developers to design servers that can handle HTTP requests and answers. In this post, we’ll go through how to create an HTTP server in Node.js, give some examples of how to utilize it, and look at …

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What is Node JS used for?

What is the purpose of Node.js? Node.js is a JavaScript runtime based on the V8 JavaScript engine in Chrome. It enables developers to run JavaScript on the server side, allowing them to create high-performance, scalable online apps. In this essay, we will explore what is Node js used for and present numerous instances of how …

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