Streams in Node JS


What are streams in Node JS? Streams in Node are objects that allow to read and write data. Of course, to read the data, the stream requires some source of data, and to write the data, it needs some destination. Streams perform the read operation from source and write operation on the destination in a continuous manner. There are four types of streams in Node JS. Writeable Streams: In writable...

Buffers in Node JS – Part 2


We split the buffers topic into two tutorials for better understanding. In the previous article, we learned about the introduction to buffers, writing data in a buffer, and reading it using Buffer class methods in Node JS. In this article, you will learn more methods provided by the Node JS buffer class. These methods are commonly used while working with buffers, so you must practice them on your...

Buffers in Node JS


Before studying the buffers in Node JS, let’s learn some terms before. What is unicode representation? Unicode is a standard to encode the text and each character is assigned a unique numeric value in this standard. Then this standard value remains the same on every platform and can be used cross-platform. Pure JavaScript supports Unicode well but in the case of the binary form of data, it...

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