Event Emitter in Node JS


Nodes in Node JS emit many events regularly with the help of event emitter. For instance, whenever a peer user connects with net.Server, it emits an event. Similarly, fs.readStream emits an event upon file opening. All the event emitting objects are instances of events.EventEmitter. In the previous articles, we are learning about callbacks and events. In continuation of those tutorials, we will...

Event Loop in Node JS


We learned the callback concept of Node JS in the previous tutorial. This article is in the continuation of the previous and relates events with the event loop, so if you have not gone through the callback concept, it is recommended to grip on the concept first. How Node JS event work with callback? Node JS provides concurrency by using the callbacks and events. Although Node JS is a single...

Callback Function in Node JS


What is callback concept in Node JS? As we know that Node JS uses core concepts of JavaScript. The callback function is called after the completion of a specific task. During the Node JS development, a developer makes heavy use of the callback concept of Node JS. Asynchronous behavior of Node JS allows executing the code without waiting for the database query, any I/O operation within the...

NPM – Node Package Manager


In this article, you will learn about NPM Package Manager in Node. You may think, why a dedicated node package manager comes with Node. The first answer is Yes, Node JS is based on Javascript and its main worth is due to the large number of packages bundled in it. To manage all these packages, a separate service help NPM helps to perform the following two main functionalities. Functionalities of...

REPL in Node JS


Read Eval Print Loop (REPL) is a terminal in Node JS that provides an environment to perform operations. We will discuss these operations in the next section. Like Windows and Linux operating systems provides interactive shells and terminals to run commands. These commands are processed by the terminal and the terminal generates output. Similar is the case with the Node REPL terminal. This...

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